Sweet Redemption

The ultimate cosmic save. A self-assuring moment and vindication from a previous buzzkill.


When everything is going sweet and you hit a snag or something lame happens.


An energy word to pump up a fellow rocker! It is a cosmic pick me up for people who are low on Prana or “energy.”

Little Brother/Little Sister
Since I am the baby of my family, this makes me feel good!

Rock on!
Keep going with the flow, don't stop rockin'!


People who have a similar love for life.


Extra Love!! Extra Stuff!! Extra Karma!!

A Review from Wedding Wire:

"Eddie was the perfect choice for our small intimate outdoor wedding. He met with us prior to the ceremony where he provided procedural directions and we discussed our preferences. He gave us access to a sampling of his past ceremonies as a base and let us customize our ceremony with our personalized input. The day of the wedding, Eddie acted as master of ceremonies, putting everyone at ease, making the guests comfortable with the "game plan", and assuring those with speaking parts that he was their backup in case of need. As it turned out, this became really important because the groom had laryngitis and Eddie had to be his mouthpiece! Eddie delivered a flawless, heartfelt, and spiritual ceremony even down to incorporating the heron squawking in the background! We were delighted with our choice of officiants and give Eddie our highest recommendation."

The Story of Eddie the Shaman

Eddie's "Shamanisms"

Hello, lovers.

Eddie was born in Mercy Hospital in Long Island, New York in the month of November on the 1st which is All Saints Day in the year 1969. Eddie is a Scorpio! At the age of 7, Eddie moved to Connecticut and lived there until attending college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. While in Ohio, Eddie met a Shaman named Wolf who took Eddie on his 1st “Shamanic Journey” to discover “Power Animals”. Eddie began practicing Shamanism in 1990 and has been guiding others in journeys since then. In May 1996, after his honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona, Eddie began appearing weekly on “The Philips Phile” on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS FM Radio. “Eddie the Shaman” has recently celebrated 20 years with “The Philips Phile”.



"Hey Fellow Rockers! I believe we are all brothers and sisters, and we are one big family..."


Eddie the Shaman is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. He has been performing  spiritual, serious and fun wedding services for more than 15 years. He won the 2015 and 2016 Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Awards. Catch his reviews here: https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/eddie-the-shaman-orlando/43fab7ada4d6531c.html.

Catch Eddie the Shaman every Friday night on The Philips Phile from 6-7pm on 104.1 FM Orlando wtks.com. ​


Eddie the Shaman